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Access to Codealike's core analysis and insights to better understand your personal productivity.

In the zone
View your productivity by day, week, month, and year
Track the number of days you're on fire and delivering code at blazing speeds
Answer a single question each day to map your mental state to productivity over time
Tech debt analysis
Identify the Files, Projects, and Classes you spend the most time working on
Use the Codealike tech debt algorithm to find potential problem areas
Activity tracking
Drill down to Namespaces, Files, Classes, and Methods to understand where you spend your time
View how often you use your favorite languages
View the Codealike Ranking pages to see how your activity stacks up
Use the timeline to see how your productivity on a given day compares to your top days
Choose from 18 IDE and browser plugins so you can work where you want
Social sharing
Share your accomplishments on Twitter or your favorite social site
Embed a summary widget on your website to show off your accomplishments
Data ownership
You own your data, always
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Codealike + Torc
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Get even more granular analysis and insights on your personal productivity and team productivity.

$12 /month
Includes all Basic plan features, plus:
In the zone
View your focus curve and dispersion chart to understand your productivity and focu level down to five second intervals
Tech debt analysis
Review the burn up chart for your team to identify potential areas for burnout
Activity tracking
View activities for all members of your team
Compare your metrics to other developers
Track your browser activities for even more granular insights
Download all of your data
Manipulate your data however you want in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or your favorite analytics tool

To gain Premium features for free for 12 months, all you need to do is sign up for Codealike and Torc using the same email address and create a Torc profile that is at least 80% complete. It’s that easy!

Learn more about Torc here.

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