We're excited to announce the relaunch of Codealike!

Codealike provides real-world, valuable insights to developers around the world. Now you can join them to improve your developer experience, get more done with less time, and collaborate more effectively with your peers.

Codealike + Torc are better together.

Codealike has joined the Torc family and it's a match made in heaven. The core mission of both Codealike and Torc is to improve the developer experience and create unlimited career opportunities for remote developers around the world.

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Torc is an intelligent talent marketplace that matches remote software developers with jobs at global enterprises. Torc's focus is on improving the developer experience through technology, data, and mentorship.

Codealike is a powerful tool that analyzes your programming activities to help you uncover coding patterns and better understand how they impact your workflows, routines, and output.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

Codealike shut down in 2020 despite being a great product. We think Codealike still has a story to tell.

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Every once in a while a new technology, product, or service is created that lives up to the hype and users love, yet it still struggles in the market because it was launched at the wrong time, uses the wrong business model, or runs up against any number of other hurdles. Unfortunately, Codealike fell into this category and the service shut down in late 2020.

Codealike was, and remains, the only tool that helps developers understand your personal productivity and provides you with guidance to become a more effective developer. It's not a big-brother monitoring tool, and it goes way beyond a simple time-tracking tool.

Codealike is a storyteller—it tells the story of you as a developer, a team member, and a technology leader. The story it tells is yours to use how you want to use it and to share (or not share) how you want to share it. Codealike's power comes from using your real data to tell your personalized story and generate insights specifically for you so you can continually improve your skills. We think that's a story worth telling, and it's why we're relaunching Codealike.

Great companies make great software.
Great software developers use Codealike.

Codealike + Torc FAQ

What is the relationship between Codealike and Torc?

Codealike was acquired and relaunched by Torc, a global talent marketplace for software developers. You do not need to be a member of the Torc community to use Codealike. However, additional Codealike features may be available if you are a member of both communities. There is no cost to join Codealike or Torc.

Why did Torc acquire Codealike?

Torc and Codealike share a similar mission—to improve the developer experience and create career opportunities for remote developers around the world. We believe the best way to do that is through data. 

Through data, you can learn more about how you code, how you collaborate, where you get stuck, how you can find and stay in your zone, and more. Through data, you can become a stronger and more productive developer. Through data, you can craft a compelling and personalized story that helps you earn more money or find your next career opportunity.

Together, Torc + Codealike empower developers to be their best and build successful careers.

Is Codealike changing due to Torc's acquisition?

Yes but it’s a good change! For a limited time, members of both the Torc and Codealike communities can access Codealike’s Premium features for free. No other changes are planned at this time and we plan to continue building out Codealike’s features to become even more valuable for you.

What are Premium features and do I have to pay for them?

Users on the Basic (free) plan have access to all of Codealike's core features that enable you to measure when you're In the Zone, analyze your activities and identify potential technical debt, share your analysis with others, use any of our IDE and browser plugins, and retain ownership of your data.

Users on the Premium plan have access to additional features that capture more granular data and enhance your insights, as well as the ability to download your data and manipulate it however you’d like.

For a limited time, Codealike users who also sign up with Torc using the same email address and create Torc profile that is at least 80% complete will get access to Premium features for free for 12 months.