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Codealike provides developers with actionable insights to get in the zone, tackle tech debt, and collaborate more effectively.

Stay in the zone

Measure how much time you spend In the Zone—the state in which your entire cognitive effort is focused on a particular task. When you’re there, the outside world disappears and you are at peak efficiency, getting things done at work. When in the zone you are most productive.

Drill down into your data to identify the actual hours and quarters in which you were coding productively and uninterrupted. Prevent any interruptions and get deep work done more often.

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Focus curve and dispersion map
Screenshot of Codealike's In the Zone analysis

Identify tech debt

Screenshot of Codealike's technical debt analysis

Too much editing the same file? Maybe it's worth considering updating your documentation. Too much compiling? Maybe it's worth upgrading your machine and moving to the cloud.

Codealike’s technology surfaces areas of tech debt that needs tackling. Work that takes place at any level of the stack – think of Namespaces, Files, Classes, Methods – is analyzed by Codealike to identify high-priority and moderate tech debt.

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Burn up chart

Map your activities

Codealike doesn’t read your code — your code is yours. Codealike is here to help you become a better developer by analyzing metadata and segmenting your activities: Coding, Debugging, Systems Management, Building Code, Editing, and Reading. This is your real-life quantified self.

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Team activities, metrics comparison, and browser activities
Screenshot of Codealike's activity analysis

Work where you want

Codealike works where you work. Whether you spend the majority of your time in your local dev environment or in the browser, Codealike meets you where you’re at. Seamlessly integrate Codealike in your daily coding routines through plugins for the best IDEs in the market and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave.

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Download your data
Logos of Codealike plugins

Show off your skills

Don't be shy. Take pride in your achievements. Codealike collects and summarizes your top programming languages, technologies and frameworks used, and more. You can even embed an iframe in multiple display sizes and use it as your public resume. Impress any recruiter with your real-world and real-time achievements.

Screenshot of Codealike's embed options

Remember — your data is yours

Codealike does not read or capture your code. It analyzes your metadata to understand and provide you with insight on how you work. Think of this as the quantified self for developers. It's yours to use and share how you want.

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